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Does Hiring a Lawyer for a Los Angeles Car Accident Require Filing a Lawsuit?

You are never required to file a lawsuit for any reason just because you have hired an attorney. An expert Los Angeles car accident lawyer can be retained simply to address your questions and concerns regarding the auto accident you have suffered from, as well as provide counsel and advice on all possible options available to you. Additionally, a good lawyer will direct you towards medical resources and professionals, who can treat any physical or mental injuries suffered during and after the accident, handle all communication with insurance companies to make sure you are not taken advantage of, and also help you address getting compensation for any injuries, loss, or damage suffered.

Just because you don't want to file a lawsuit does not mean that you can't seek compensation. This is where a skilled Los Angeles car accident lawyer is a major asset to you. A good lawyer can negotiate a favorable settlement offer for you, handle the complexities of dealing with insurance companies, and fight for your best interests without filing a single claim to take an at fault driver to court. Lawyers completely understand the hesitation to file a lawsuit, as if a case goes to trial, the process can be long, expensive, and risky. A good personal injury lawyer or auto accident attorney also understands, however, that just because you have no desire to drag a claim into a courtroom, does not mean that you are relinquishing your desire for justice and compensation.

The hard working, diligent Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at California Attorney Group deal with auto accident cases daily, and understand how to speak and negotiate with opposing parties and their insurance companies to receive the best settlement offers for you. Their collective experience, expertise, and skills have equipped them with the ability to handle any possible auto accident and/or personal injury claim you may be suffering from.