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Been In An Accident? Here are the Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been in a car accident and have never, or rarely, dealt with a lawyer to handle a case, then sitting across from a lawyer can be intimidating, even if the lawyer is on your side. The first thing to remember is that the lawyer is there to provide you with assistance, to answer all and any of your questions. A successful outcome for you is a good lawyer's primary concern, and part of achieving that goal is open and honest communication. You should not be afraid to lay out your fears, any confusion, and your thoughts in general with regard to the claim you are hoping to bring or examine. Keep in mind, especially during the first meeting, that you are assessing the lawyer to determine if he or she is a good fit as much as the lawyer is assessing the particulars of your case.

With that said, before you even step into your lawyer's office, you should have as solid a grasp as possible of the facts of your case. Know, and be ready to report to your lawyer, everything you can remember about the incident in question- what time it happened, where, what you were doing when it happened and how you reacted, and what the other driver or drivers were doing when the accident occurred. Take note of injuries sustained. Bring any relevant documents you can think of such as your insurance policy, vehicle information, and any other documents or related forms. Providing these documents in advance will allow your lawyer to have a clearer idea of how to assess your potential claim, and help determine what remedies may be available to you, including a determination of whether you have an actual case to bring to trial.

Once you have provided your personal injury lawyer with the relevant information, keep the following questions in mind.

Find out how much experience your lawyer has with cases involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and general motor vehicle accidents. Personal injury lawyers typically cover lots of different types of cases- everything from auto accidents and car insurance claims, to dog bites and medical malpractice suits. A diversity of experience is a good thing, but make sure the lawyer you are working with has handled your type of case before, at a level that you are satisfied with. Don't leave your questions at the nature of the accident either. Keep in mind the injury, as all personal injuries are different, and affect the victim differently. Ask the lawyers you consult if they have handled many cases involving your type of injury.

Financials and the economics of your case are important, so get an understanding of the spectrum of settlements available to you for your particular type of claim. Gaining an understanding of what you can potentially get out of a settlement can help you with your cost-benefit analysis of whether pursuing a claim is worth your time, energy, and money. On a related note, figure out how much money you will owe the attorney. Is the case taken on a contingency fee basis, or is there another type of payment plan in place?

Finally, if you like the lawyer so far, ask him or her how much of the case will be directly overseen and handled by the lawyer. Lawyers, especially at big law firms, are often handling several cases at once. That does not mean your case will be taken less seriously, but it is good to know how involved with the particulars of your case the lawyer plans to be.

Good personal injury lawyers can be found all over the country. If you live in southern California, and Orange County or Los Angeles in particular, the California Attorney Group is a fantastic resource available to you. Consisting of some of the best personal injury lawyers and auto accident lawyers in the state if not the country, you can expect wonderful service, and thorough answers to all of your questions.