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Been In a Car Accident in Los Angeles? Beware “Future Injuries”

A Los Angeles auto accident has the potential to harm you in many different ways, producing injuries that are physical, emotional, and proprietary. Some of these injuries are serious enough that they will require treatment both immediately after the accident, and into the future, long after the accident has occurred. However, the symptoms of some of these latent or "future injuries" may not exhibit themselves right away. That is why it is very important to seek out medical attention as soon as possible after a Los Angeles car accident. Detecting injuries or the potential for future injuries to arise as soon as you can will not only help you during the course of litigation should you pursue a claim, it can also save you years of physical and mental anguish if you address these issues quickly enough.

After a Los Angeles car accident, settlement offers will often come quickly, but it is important not to accept any of them right away. You want to first make sure you have received a thorough medical examination that determines whether or not there are personal injuries you have sustained which may not exhibit themselves until much later. It is important to keep these considerations in mind as they will affect the amount of damages rightfully owed to you, and subsequently affect any settlement offers. Even without a medical evaluation, the Defendant's insurance company will make it a point to offer as little as possible to essentially buy you off. Do not succumb to these tricks. You have suffered a personal injury as a result of a Los Angeles auto accident and you deserve to receive all the damages due to you. Even if a settlement offer seems fair, discuss it with a Los Angeles auto accident lawyer and determine in advance how to best maximize the amount that is justifiably owed to you. The reason is that if future injuries manifest themselves, and are not accounted for in the initial amount of damages you seek, the settlement given will very likely not cover these future injuries.

Physical injuries in these car crash situations can be quite serious, whether you have sustained injuries to your face, your neck, your back, hands, fingers, feet, legs, toes or any other part of your body. Psychological injuries may manifest themselves in the form of stress, depression, anxiety, even mild or traumatic brain injury (TBI). No matter what the extent of your injuries, you should not have to suffer without compensation, or without the guidance to help see you through the painful process of rehabilitation.
The Los Angeles car accident lawyers at California Attorney Group have been fighting auto accident cases on behalf of Plaintiffs like you on a daily basis for many years, bringing a wealth of skill and experience to the table, ensuring that you will receive the proper medical treatment for your personal injury, and a diagnosis which will accurately reflect the possibility of any future injuries that have yet to be detected.