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Are Car “Black Boxes” Real?

People have become increasingly familiar with the concept of the "black box," typically built into airplanes which record the performance of the plane during flight, and in case of a crash. Many wonder if standard automobiles have black boxes, which can come in handy especially after a Los Angeles car accident where claims are filed and the facts of the case have to be established. One can understand how, especially in a complicated car accident case, having an objective record of how and what a car did would prove very handy in establishing facts and determining liability if any.

Cars and ground-based motor vehicles actually have a version of the famous "black box" known as an Event Data Recorder, or EDR. EDR's are electronic recording devices which track the inner workings of a car prior to an accident. They take note of acceleration and speed, application of brakes and clutch, as well as other details such as whether a seatbelt was being worn at the time of a collision.

Though EDRs are a handy tool, they are not perfect. For starters, the information they record is only seconds before, during, and after an accident. While this information is important, it hardly conveys a "full story." Furthermore, EDRs are only found in very new vehicles, so obtaining one will depend on the year, make, and model of the vehicle in question. Finally, since there is a right to property within a vehicle, obtaining the EDR of an at-fault driver can be difficult. An order from the Court is usually the minimum action required to obtain such a report.

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