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After an Auto Accident Make Sure You Take Notes

Memory can be a fleeting thing. It's for that very reason that people make it a habit to jot down notes, whether it is for a grocery list, to preserve an interesting thought or idea, or to simply remember an address or phone number. The same principle applies after you have been in a car accident. While the circumstances may not be ideal, taking notes immediately after the incident, to the best of your ability, and keeping notes after the accident, can prove immensely helpful should you decide to file for a personal injury claim against a negligent driver who caused your personal injury.

The types of notes you should take are twofold. First, you want to take note of as many details as you can in and around the accident scene. Write down any damage you notice, what you can remember in the moments prior to the accident and how all drivers involved were driving, names and contact information of all parties involved, witnesses and their names and contact info, insurance information, and so on.

The second, and just as crucial element, is a note of injuries. Of course, you should only bother writing this information down if you are able. If you are not, rely on someone else to write the notes down for you, or wait until a better time arises where you are able to properly take account of what happened. It is particularly important to note any sustained injuries because if you decide to file a personal injury claim, a judge, jury, and your personal injury lawyer, will want to know what you noticed right off the bat. You will be able to claim damages for these injuries, and if any other injuries resulting from the accident are revealed later, their genesis and an accurate diagnosis can be traced to the original injuries you noticed immediately. Additionally, should you experience any kind of head injury or in more serious cases, traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, there is a possibility that your memory will not be as reliable as you may like it to be after you have had some time away from the accident. The sooner you can write down everything that you see or remember the better.

By taking these notes, when you are ready to choose a personal injury lawyer to represent your case, you will aid efforts greatly on the part of your attorney by having these immediate thoughts and observations at hand. Your auto accident attorney will be able to evaluate the facts of your case, take note of the initial observable sustained injuries, and consequently, give you a much more accurate estimation of the type of case you have, the likelihood of it going to trial and winning, as well as an assessment of the damages you are owed and the compensation you can expect for your injuries. Once you have done your part, it is up to your personal injury lawyer to do the rest. To make sure you have chosen the right lawyer for you, make sure the lawyer has extensive experience in the field of personal injury, and if possible, with an emphasis on auto accidents and car crashes. Familiarity with the types of cases and circumstances that pertain to you will mean that the lawyer can advise you in other areas as well, such as which doctor or medical professional to seek for your specific injuries, and how to cope with the aftermath of such an accident. Most importantly, the lawyer will know how to take the evidence you have compiled, add more discovered evidence, and build a case that gets you the damages you seek and the compensation you need. Choosing a good personal injury lawyer who is familiar with the actual area in which the accident occurred helps as well, since that lawyer will be familiar with the names, faces, and types of incidents that routinely make their way through the court system in that city. So if you are from Los Angeles, or your accident occurred there, seek out a great Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. You can get a great start in that regard by contacting the California Attorney Group, whose lawyers have an incredible wealth of experience in personal injury and automotive accident law. Get in touch with them and begin your consultation today so you can move forward and attain the compensation you deserve.